Friday, September 2, 2011

Lesson L

 Raising Rock Star's lesson on the letter "Ll" the number "1" and the word "see" and the color yellow {photo above} was so much fun.  My son is going to love making the pop sickle stick props every week/every lesson.  He loves glue.  He really enjoyed learning a new song (I feel silly for not having thought to teach it to him already).  We held our candle stick craft and sang This Little Light Of Mine and he caught on fast.  Fun!!
 {above} He practices writing his upper case letters by tracing over them on this dry erase board.  (Target has them, but I found mine cheaper at Wal-Mart)  {below} He completed a few pages out of our "Think and Do" preK workbook & a pack of  Alphabet flash cards we like because they are COLORFUL.  (Target Dollar Spot)  Boys need strong, clear, colorful visuals!
~ AtlantaMama

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