Monday, August 22, 2011

Shark Themed Birthday Pool Party

My birthday boy wanted to have a "SHARK PARTY" this year!  A theme he came up with on his own.  So we made plans to swim and I got my creative juices flowing for ideas to make the SHARKS a theme throughout the party.  Here are some SHARK PARTY IDEAS from AtlantaMama:

Rock the SHARK swim wear and Target Dollar Spot hat
Add in some SHARK themed food like 1/2 of a banana with a strawberry fin (with or without the magic shell chocolate)
Great White Shark Cookies (sugar cookies)
The SHARK CAKE is really 4 layers of chocolate chip cookie cakes with layers of butter cream icing in between, topped with chocolate icing - a toy shark - and candles!  It's very rich, yummy, and not on my healthy eating list.  He helped me with the whole process & he was super proud to have a 3D SHARK CAKE!!  I recommend baking about two - two & 1/2 cups of cccd and then cutting out your shape right when you pull it out of the oven... it's much easier to form it while it's still warm.  I did free hand each layer... I know, I know, the hard way.  But he was happy!!
His grandmother found these Goldfish Brand sandwich bread packs, so I used them to make grilled cheese sandwiches (in the oven) for our friends party.  Super easy!
For our friends party we also made cupcakes with gummy sharks (and a few with toy sharks for those who cannot have dye) that you can order on line.  The gummy sharks where a little large for the cupcakes but the kids loved them!

If you are not trying to avoid food dye, you can also buy shallow clear plastic cups.... make blue JELLO and after the Jello has set about 1/2 way, add in Swedish fish candy and or gold fish crackers... after it sets in the frig you'll have a tray of little fish in the sea cups ready to party down!

As you can also see, I used fish nets (from the Dollar Tree) on my food and gifts tables along with blue table covers to cheaply and creatively add to the SHARK THEME overall.

Our two SHARK PARTIES were a lot of fun!!

~ AtlantaMama

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