Friday, August 12, 2011

Homeschool Prep

While preparing to officially start homeschooling my soon-to-be 4 year old this year, I bought out the Target Dollar Spot with workbooks, connect the dots, games (like alphabet bingo), small puzzles, two kinds of dry erase boards, crayons, glue, flash cards and more. 
Then I ran into a problem S T O R A G E?!  Large magazine style storage bins are not cheap, so I came up with a crafty idea... recycle...

 1.) Buy a membership to COSTCO so you can re purpose your large boxes in to FREE STORAGE bins (which means they are not free... $50 membership + $18 for products... + scrapbook paper & glue... = not really "free" after all!  But if you've got some large boxes ANYWAY, it feels "free"! lol)
2.) Cut the boxes into the shape you'd like & add clear tape to bottom
3.) Choose your fun scrapbook paper and start pasting!
4.) Add decorative touches or labels to the outside & line the inside with solid paper (if you'd like to)
5.) Fill those bad boys up with workbooks, flash cards, and school supplies!

Options & Details:
On the plaid box, I only cut the paper when I had to and I was aiming for clean lines.  By contrast, on the polk-a-dot box, I cut the paper into lots of pieces first and then started gluing.  If one shape overlaps another by a lot, cut off the extra like you are making a puzzle piece and save that extra piece for an open spot.  After doing the project both ways, I like the 2nd option best.  I had enough paper (I used two sheets of 12x12 per box) and the process went MUCH FASTER because the randomness allowed for less precision.  Plus, if you have an older preschooler (or older child) they could help you cut and paste pieces until the box is covered.  They will enjoy getting messy with the glue or mog pog.  On the polk-a-dot box, I made the white "belt" from the extra paper that I had to cut off (some scrapbook paper has an extra white section for the branding and bar code).  I also plan to add letter stickers to the tag.  The "E" is cut from a fabric sample (because I had it... I am a big fan of use what you have around).  It's a fun little afternoon project and it's useful!

~ AtlantaMama

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