Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Homeschool Preschool In Action

I finally got my act together and got organized!
gives you EVERYTHING you need to get started
 It was helpful for me to see the order to introduce the letters (straight stick first, curved shaped letters later) And there is a number, sight word, and color theme along with each letter lesson!
 Mama's Organization Is Key (she makes it easy!!)
 Here is the wee and slow start I have going for lesson "Ll" staring "This Little Light Of Mine", a Bible memory verse, and cute flash cards!  I got the wall display idea from the RRS web site (I take no credit) And if we had a color ink thingy, it would all be more colorful.  If you'd like to make a 'what we're learning' poster, just fold and tape the bottom of a poster board to make a pocket.  We will take these down each week and put up the new lesson items.  That is why I love having the pocket NOTEBOOK to keep everything stored, for review, and in case I want to use all of this again for my other child. 
So far, lesson 1 has been great!!  We love holding our candle stick cut outs and singing together!  He really enjoyed the art project and he's doing awesome with the whole new idea of sight words.   He struggles with cutting (only because I've made my boys avoid sharp objects at all cost up until now... so it's NEW new).  He JUST turned 4. He knows his letters & sounds, and can write his own name very well now, but we struggle with pronouncing blends.  Our big focus about mid week was to practice saying the words (from the flash cards) and breaking down the phonetician and pronunciation of each blend.

I am very grateful for RAISING ROCK STARS PRESCHOOL because of the Christian Values, Teaching Scripture & Values, Music, and the fact that most of what is offered is FREE.  (You can also choose to join her site and become a member to receive MORE.)
Thanking God for CHECK IT OUT!!!  If you leave a comment, tell her I sent you over... ; )

~ AtlantaMama

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