Monday, August 22, 2011

School Group is FUN

In our new home school group we meet with all of the kids together to sing songs (like days of the week) and talk about our themes.  We picked a theme & a color for each month.  We also picked a letter of the week or introduce and build our lessons around teaching that letter and letter sound.  The kids also have free play time before and after school group.
In the cooking class they used Banana's (because our August color is YELLOW) and made a banana and organic peanut butter mush.  They rolled it into a ball and rolled the ball in real coconut flakes, and then decorated it with raisins.  After going in the frig for a little while the kids got to eat what they created (during lunch time).  AtlantaMama recommends Almond Butter & Honey as another healthy option to create this yummy snack!
And we sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my birthday boy again at School Group!  The kids enjoyed SHARK CUPCAKES together!!

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