Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Anniversary

A Few Highlights ~
{when we were dating: 2002}
{our engagement photos: Spring 2003}
{our graduation day: Spring 2003}
{our wedding day: September 27, 2003}
{honeymoon in mexico}
{mission in beautiful Guatemala}
{2005 Trip to Disney}
{2006 ~ shared God's truth with hundreds of youth}
{we became Mama & Daddy: August 2007}
{fall & christmas 2008}
{our first beach trip: August 2009}
{fall 2009}
{our family grew: November 2009}
{christmas 2010}
{beach trip 2010}
{october 2010}
{christmas 2010}
{may 2011}
{september 2011 ~ our 8th anniversary}

~ AtlantaMama

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