Friday, December 23, 2011

my poor baby

 Here we are in late December.... getting ready for Christmas and family coming to visit...  When we have a terrible accident with our little one.  He took the cover off of the heat vent in the floor and fell in the open vent... where a sheet rock screw was waiting for his little sweet leg.  23 stitches later we are doing fine!!  My awesome Father went around the house and screwed the heat vent covers to the floor so that he would never have something like this happen again.  Poor Baby!!  There is a fine line between being curious and being dangerous.  I was 20 ft away fixing lunch when it happened and of course I had major mom guilt.  But thank goodness for Scottish Rite and their wonderful staff for helping our little RaceCar recover quickly.  now the other trick.... the new stitches cannot get wet for two weeks.  But at least he's OK and we will all have a Merry Christmas together with family!!!!  Thank you Lord for your protection and that that there was NO nerve damage at all! 

ALL TODDLER PARENTS: Please screw down your floor HV/AC covers!

~ AtlantaMama

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